1. Measurement Management System At present, we have carried out the verification/calibration of length, mechanics, heat, acoustics, electricity, scales, containers and other measuring instruments. The company has established the measurement management system. And after the review of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, the certificate of "Metrical Qualified Unit" was issued;

2. Precision Inspection Conducted precision inspection work in the length category: two-dimensional measurement by video camera, three-dimensional measurement in three coordinates, circularity measurement, small modulus worm gear tooth shape, tooth spacing, helix error, small modulus gear measuring center, small modulus gear meshes, and other geometric dimensions.

3. Mechanical Property Tests Conducted mechanical property tests on metallic and non-metallic materials: tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, compressive strength; Blovi hardness measurements, surface Rockwell hardness, micro Vickers hardness.

4. Thermal Tests Conducted thermal tests: neutral, cyclic compound salt spray, ultraviolet, xenon lamp, dust and water proof, walk-in high and low temperature test, thermal shock test, high and low temperature damp heat test and other weathering tests, triple comprehensive vibration test, mechanical shock.

5. Electromagnetic Type Tests Conducted electromagnetic type tests such as overvoltage, transient overvoltage, transient undervoltage, voltage jumping, voltage dips and rises, ground excursion, power excursion, load throwing, voltage withstand, insulation, dielectric strength, reset behaviour, intermittent interrupt, start-up pulse, intelligently controlled voltage waveform, pin angle interrupt, connector break, reverse polarity, single wire short circuit, overcurrent strength and other items.

6. Acoustic-type Tests Conducted acoustic-type tests: analysis of loudness, roughness, vibration, octave, time-frequency domain, order spectrum, 2D proximity, rotational speed, etc..

7. Functional, DV and PV tests Conducted functional tests, DV and PV tests, annual type tests, and standardization work for automotive seat motors, automotive wiper assemblies, automotive sunroof assemblies, automotive glass lift assemblies, sand generators, strut motors, electronic motors, lumbar support motors, headrest motors, fan motors, pedal motors, and other items.

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